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DEHUMANIZATION                          35

own elimination.   These novels no longer con-
tain a wealth of human types, the multifarious
human world, but only fragments and elements
of that being which once was called man.    The
modern psychological novel, talented and refined,
is concerned with the analysis of the subconscious,
is plunged into the uncertain world of sensations,
is terribly complex, from the intellectual point of
view.    Man is resolved into some of his com-
ponent elements under the power of the sub-
conscious and the rationalistic.    Modern novelists
almost completely lack creative imagination, they
are either preoccupied with themselves or simply
picture the evil realities with which they are
burdened.    This is the case, for instance, with
Celine.    The creative gift of transfiguration is
disappearing from art.

Even the rare novelists who concern them-
selves with the metaphysical or the mystical,
as for example Jouhandeau, are oppressed by
demoniac powers such as even Dostoevsky knew
not; Dostoevsky who saw in every man the
image of God, who perceived light in the deepest
shadow. Malraux's characters disappear beneath
their sadistic instincts. In the works of Lawrence,
man as an integral being is lost in the mystical
elements of sex; man becomes a function of sex,
instead of sex being a function of man. This is
not pornography, it is a reflection of the same